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Here's a few of Kathryn's favorite things.

Ever wonder what Kathryn's favorite paper trimmer is? How she stores her dies? Favorite adhesive? Craft knife blade? Well, here's a list of all her crafty favorites! 

Free Shipping:

Amazon Prime


Rotatrim M15

This is not technically a product, but it's a service I heavily utilize for scrapbooking! Amazon Prime's free two-day shipping comes in really handy when you put the last blade in your craft knife at 2:00 a.m. Just pop a new set in your cart & they'll be at your door the day after tomorrow - before that last blade even gets dull. When my ATG exploded during a show, I had a new one before the weekend from Amazon.


I also like to watch movies or TV when I'm scrapping, and Amazon has over 40,000 movies and TV episodes available to Prime Members - some that are not available on Netflix or HuluPlus (like seasons one and two of "Suits" which I have been enjoying lately).


You can also try it free for 30 days to see if it's right for you,


Click HERE to read more about Amazon Prime.

I have owned this trimmer since 2008, and it is the only trimmer I recommend. The "15" in "M15" refers to the trimmer's cut legnth, so mine cuts 15" in length. I purchased this one because my photo paper (see below) is 13" wide and I needed something longer than 12". For most scrappers, the M12 version of this trimmer is a great buy!


This is a professional grade trimmer used in workshops, studios, schools and offices all over the world. The twin guide rails ensure a perfectly straight cut every single time. I have cut literally THOUSANDS of sheets of extra thick chipboard and it still cuts as well today as the first day I used it. I'm on my original blade, too. I promise it will be the last trimmer you ever buy.


Click HERE to read more about the Rotatrim M12 trimmer.

Tape Runner:

Scotch ATG 700
by 3M

Double-Sided Tape:

Miracle Tape

ATG stands for "adhesive transfer gun" and this product has been trusted by professional framers and photographers for years. My first gun lasted from 2006 through 2013 and I've put it through a lifetime of abuse. I probably would still have my first one, but I lost one of the parts to fix it.

Capable of handling tape widths from 1/4" (adapter required) to 3/4", the ATG 700 is 3M's workhorse. If your pink ATG is squeaky and annoying, give the original a try! You won't be disappointed.

Click HERE to read more about the Scoth ATG 700 by 3M.

Sold in 55 yard rolls (165 feet), Miracle Tape is an acid free, transparent and extremely thin double-sided tape similar to red tape or Scor-tape.


Of the three popular tapes on the market, it is by far my favorite. It is the most economically priced, the most transparent, it tears the easiest and is just as strong as the competitors in my experience. The company that maks the tape also has a list of wonderful uses for it other than gluig paper together.


Miracle tape comes in the following sizes: 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1", 2" and 8 1/2" x 11" sheets.

Click HERE to read more about Miracle Tape.

Photo Paper:

Epson Ultra Premium Luster

This wide-format printer (prints up to 13"x19", copy/scan up to 11"x17") is known as a "supertank" printer which has a continuous ink system. That means it uses ink tanks filled by bottles instead of cartridges and you don't need to remove the tanks to refill.

According to Epson, one set of bottles for the ET-16500 prints 15,500 black and 16,000 Color 8.5"x11" sheets. That is equivalent to 6,056 sheets of Super B (13"x19"). The black refill bottle is $19.49 and each of the three color bottles is $12.39. So, a complete set of inks is $56.66.

It costs less than $0.10/Super B sheet to print your own photos or patterned paper at home!

Even if you do not need a printer with this many features, I strongly recommend you look into a printer with a continuous ink system vs. a cartridge ink system. It's better for the environment and for your wallet.

Click HERE to read more about the R2000.

Looking for something a little simpler to print 4"x6" right from your camera or smart phone? Click HERE to check out the Canon Selphy CP1300.



Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper has a luster surface finish for creating actual photo prints at home. A "luster" finish is in between a matte and a glossy finish and has the best qualities of both - the saturated colors of a glossy print and no fingerprints like a matte print. This is the same finish traditionally used by wedding, portrait and fine-art photographers for their work.


This archival quality paper dries instantly for easy handling and is water resistant (I spilled a whole bottle of water on mine once and not one smudge).


Click HERE to check out the Epson Ultra Premium Photo Luster paper.


Looking for something smaller? Click HERE for 8.5"11".

I've worn out more than a few craft knives in my day. This is the only knife that I have ever replaced with the same model! It's the most comfortable knife I've ever held, and I love that it takes standard #11 size blades (unlike the Prima craft knife, for example).

If you want a comfortable knife that won't give you hand cramps, this is the one! It gets the job done, looks pretty and is nice and comfy to hold.


Click HERE to check out the Martha Stewart Crafts knife.

#11 is the blade refill size for the Martha Stewart Crafts Knife and most standard craft knives. These high-carbon steel blades from X-ACTO are precision-crafted of the highest quality carbon. This makes them different from most refill blades which are crafted from stainless steel.


X-LIFE blades have a sharper, more accurate cutting edge that lasts longer. The blades are oxidized for rust resistance, which is what gives them their blue-black finish. These are my very favorite blades for craft knives.


Click HERE to check out the X-ACTO X-LIFE blades.

Glue: Fast Dry

Scotch Quickdry by 3M

Glue: Paper to Chipboard

PPA by USArtQuest

This is one of my three favorite glues, and the one I use the most. It's strong and it dries really fast. It's great for gluing down bulky embellishments like buttons or chipboard pieces. It won't wrinkle or bleed through most papers as long as you use it properly (sparingly) and it dries quickly. Be careful not to use too much, because any excess that oozes out will dry clear but shiny.

If you want a quick drying glue that will work for most projects, this is the stand out.


Click HERE to check out the Scotch Quickdry glue by 3M.

While you can (and I have) used Scotch Quickdry to adhere paper to chipboard (like when covering album pages or wrapping boxes) my preferred adhesive for that purpose is Perfect Paper Adhesive (Matte) by USArtQuest. This adhesive smoothes out between the paper and chipboard to create a flexible sheet of acrylic that bonds the two srfaces as one. The finish is beautiful and soft and this glue is so matte that no ooze shows on the paper. The only downside is it dries a little on the slow side.


If you want a non-shiny glue to make beautiful books, this is the winner hands-down.


Click HERE to check out Perfect Paper Adhesive by USArtQuest.

Glue: Liquid Glue Dots

Best Glue Ever

It's best not to think of Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect as a liquid glue, since it acts more like a dry adhesive. It starts out white and liquid, but it dries clear hard and tacky - exactly like a glue dot. This enables you to make your own custom glue dots to perfectly fit any project. You can take your time adding adhesive to intricate die cuts and not have to worry about the glue drying before you're finished.

If you want totally custom glue dots and infinite drying time, this is the glue for you.


Click HERE to check out Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.

I store all my dies on magnetic sheets that fit perfectly in these plastic pouches and bin. Designed to save space by storing DVDs with their artwork in a plastic pouch, they are the perfect size for most die sets on the market. Plus, two of them will fit in one cube of the IKEA EXPEDIT. The pounches that come with the bins are plenty - no need to order extra from Atlantic

If you want compact die storage that's easy to flip through, then be sure to check these bins.


Click HERE to check out the Atlantic Movie Bins.

Die Storage:

Magnetic Sheets

I store all my wafer thin dies these magnetic sheets which fit perfectly in the sleeves that come with the Atlantic Movie Bin and Sleeves. These magnetic sheets display your dies nicely on a black background, while allowing you to store multiple dies in one pouch without them getting tangled in the bottom of the sleeves. I recommend ordering one sheet per pouch if you have lots of dies to store.

If you want compact die storage that's easy to flip through, then be sure to get these magnetic sheets.


Click HERE to check out the Magnetic Sheets.

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