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Enjoy this new twist on a beloved past project: the "Boxed Set" Remastered Album Base-ics Guide! Enjoy three new page styles in an ultra extended format using Kathryn's "Beyond Infinity" binding. These super-sized pages will give you tons of room for photos and memorabilia.

Album Base-ics Guides are more affordable, video primary tutorials designed to teach you to create unique album bases to decorate according to your own needs. They are not step-by-step tutorials that show you how to make one specific album one way.


We're providing you with a set of tools and a blueprint for making your own totally unique and custom album to exactly fit your needs! This special Album Base-ics Guide contains the supply list and cutting guides for three different 7 1/2”x15” album page styles with three different interactive elements to mix and match. 

What's Included:

  • Steps for planning your personalized project.
  • How to customize Kathryn's Beyond Infinity Binding to fit any size project with any number of pages.
  • Cutting guides and video tutorials for three different 7 1/2”x15” album page styles with three different interactive elements.


What's NOT Included:

  • Physical supplies.
  • Step-by-step written instructions. The tutorial is video only, supplemented with cutting guides and album planning tips.


"Boxed Set Remastered" Album Base-ics Guide

  • After purchase, you will receive an automatic/instant download of a PDF with instructions on how to access the manuals and videos included in this workshop.

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