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Large 12"x12" theme albums like wedding albums, baby albums and vacation albums are some of the most daunting projects we face as scrappers, but Kathryn's new online class "Collection Commotion: Theme Albums" will make the process, fast, easy and enjoyable.


This self-paced class outlines Kathryn's entire process for creating these large theme albums. The 20+ page manual covers all aspects of her approach from organizing supplies, to printing photos and planning the layouts in her albums.


Included with this class are over three hours of video instruction showing how she took 153 wedding photos and scrapped them in one album of 32 layouts and eight divided page protectors, including six layout process videos.


This class is packed with sketches, step-by-step tutorials, tips and tricks to help you tackle these big projects without losing your sanity!


Collection Commotion: Theme Albums

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